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COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

Florida Department of Health in Pasco County

Frequently Asked Questions  


Question:  Is there a cost to be vaccinated?

Answer:  There is no cost to be vaccinated at one of Pasco County’s public dispensing sites. Insurance is not required.


Question:  Where are the current vaccination sites for residents ages 65 and older?

Answer:  Sears at the Gulf View Square Mall located at 9409 US Hwy. 19, Port Richey, FL 34668 and St. Leo University, 33701 St. Rd 52. St. Leo, FL 33574


Question:  If I work in health care or am considered an essential employee but am not 65 years old yet, can I still be vaccinated at one of these sites?

Answer:  At this time, the public vaccination sites are intended only for those people who are 65 years and older.


Question:  If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine when available?

Answer:  COVID-19 vaccination should be offered to you regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 infection. You should not be required to have an antibody test before you are vaccinated.  However, anyone currently infected with COVID-19 should wait to get vaccinated until after their illness has resolved and after they have met the criteria to discontinue isolation.  Additionally, current evidence suggests that reinfection with the virus that causes COVID-19 is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. Therefore, people with a recent infection may delay vaccination until the end of that 90-day period if desired.


Question:  Why aren’t there more appointments available?

Answer:  Quantities of the vaccine are limited, and demand is overwhelming. Please be assured that we are making every effort to vaccinate residents as quickly as possible based on the quantities of vaccine that are provided by the State of Florida. As availability of the vaccine grows and demand evens out, it will be easier to ensure everyone who qualifies receives an appointment. Meanwhile, the health department is striving to make the process work smoothly.


Question:  When will more appointments become available?

Answer:  Pasco County expects new supplies of vaccines from the State weekly. Vaccination appointments will be made available based on supply. At this time, new appointments open up every Sunday for the follwing week (Monday – Friday). 


Question:  How do I know I have registered and have an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination?

Answer:  If you registered for an appointment with CDR Maguire using the online portal at you will receive an email from with the time, date and location of where you are to go to receive your COVID-19 vaccination.


Question:  How do I create an account with CDR Maguire if I don't have a computer or access to the internet?

Answer:  You can call CDR Maguire at 1-844-770-8548 and a representative will create an account for you. (The health department cannot create an account or schedule an appointment for you.)


Question:  Does the health department provide COVID-19 vaccinations for health care workers? How can health care workers get vaccinated? 

Answer:  At this time, we are only collecting contact information for medical practices in need of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are collecting information on medical practices. We are not collecting individual health care workers' information. If you or someone from your medical practice would like to send the below information, we will add it to our list.    

Medical practice information:

  • Name of Practice
  • Address/Location of Practice
  • Practice Main Contact Name
  • Practice Main Contact Email 

With many factors to consider, we cannot provide a precise date on when we will be able to vaccinate medical staff in doctors’ offices, but please be assured, this is a priority for us. Once we have completed a needs assessment, we will communicate our plans to vaccinate health care workers.


Question:  How many doses of the vaccine are required?

Answer:  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the two authorized and recommended vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) to prevent COVID-19 in the United States both need two shots to be effective.


Question:  How soon after the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should I receive the second dose?

Answer:  Persons should be scheduled as close to the recommended time for Pfizer (three weeks) or Moderna (one month). However, second doses administered within a grace period of four days earlier than the recommended date for the second dose are still considered valid.  Doses given earlier than the grace period do not need to be repeated. There is no maximum time between the first and second doses for either vaccine.  If the second dose is administered more than three weeks after the first Pfizer dose or more than one month after the first Moderna vaccine dose, there is no need to restart the series. 


Question:  How do I register for my second dose of vaccine?

Answer:  If you received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, you are guaranteed an appointment for your second COVID-19 vaccine. You do not need to contact the health department to register. You will receive an email from CDR Maguire Health & Medical ( with a link to register for the second dose. You might need to check your spam or junk folder, because the email for appointments will NOT come from DOH-Pasco. It will come from Please bring the vaccination card you received when you got your first dose to the drive-thru vaccination site.


Question:  What vaccine will be available at the public dispensing sites?

Answer:  The type of vaccine depends on supplies provided by the State. Ask the healthcare worker who is administering the injection what type is being dispensed that day for first-time recipients.


Question:  If I made the appointment as a caretaker for an elderly person, can I get the details for the follow-up dose sent to me?

Answer:  Second dose information will be sent via email. In order to receive the email about the second dose, please make sure when registering the person to receive the vaccine that the caretakers email is listed in order to receive information. Please refer to the questions above for more information on the second dose.


Question:  Do I need to be a Pasco County resident to be vaccinated at these sites?

Answer:  No. However, an appointment is mandatory.


Question:  What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?


  • A photo ID with your name and date of birth (for example: Florida driver's license, state-issued ID, or passport)
  • Proof of your appointment (printed copy or screenshot of the confirmation email from CDR Maguire Health & Medical ( with QR code)
Proper QR Code:
Proper QR Code
NOT a QR Code:

Not a QR Code

  • The CDC recommends that people wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth when receiving any vaccine, including a COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone who has trouble breathing or is unable to remove a mask without assistance should not wear a mask.


Question:  Where are the COVID-19 vaccination clinics located in Pasco County?


West SideEast Side

Sears Auto Center
Gulf View Square Mall
9409 US Hwy. 19
Port Richey, FL 34668

Saint Leo University
33701 State Road 52
St. Leo, FL 33574


Question:  What can I expect when I arrive at the vaccination site?


  • DOH-Pasco's public dispensing sites are drive-thru only. You will stay in your vehicle throughout the entire process.
  • Only people with an appointment will receive a vaccination. People who arrive without a reservation, including other passengers in the vehicle, cannot be vaccinated.
  • Staff and directional signage will assist drivers in navigating vehicles through each station.
  • You will be greeted by staff who will verify your appointment and check you in. They will ask a series of questions to assess your situation and level of comfort about receiving the vaccine.
  • The next stop is the clinical area, where the vaccine will be administered while you are seated in your vehicle. Trained medical personnel will administer the vaccine. The injection will be given in the upper arm; wear clothing that can easily accommodate this.
  • You will be given information about signs to watch for in event of a reaction and instructions on what to do. You will also receive a vaccination card. Keep the card in a safe place and ready for your second dose.
  • You will be directed to drive your vehicle to a waiting area for an observation period that will last approximately 15 to 30 minutes.


Question:  What should I do if I have a reaction to the vaccine when I get home?

Answer:  Follow the instructions provided during your visit. If you have a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.


Question:  When will you receive more COVID-19 vaccine?

Answer:  We do not have dates for when DOH-Pasco will receive more COVID-19 vaccine. We ask the public to continue checking our website for the most up-to-date information. 


Question:  How can my 55+ community schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Clinic for residents over 65? 

Answer:  Please reach out to your Community Association Leader to see if they have been in contact with the Pasco County Emergency Management Team (County EMT) for your community to hold a vaccination clinic for residents 65 and older. All 55+ Community vaccination clinics must be scheduled through the County EMT.