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Infectious Disease Services

Florida Department of Health in Pasco County

There are numerous infectious diseases and conditions of public health importance that are reportable to the Department of Health. The Department of Health in Pasco County hosts a variety of programs designed to protect the health of the public. These programs include:


The Epidemiology Program carries out a number of activities to identify diseases, assess the health of Pasco County residents and visitors, and develop recommendations to control diseases and improve the overall health status in the county.


The HIV/AIDS Program coordinates countywide HIV/AIDS prevention and care services for Pasco County residents. The HIV/AIDS Program consists of these components: Prevention, Care & Support Services, Data & Disease Reporting, and an HIV/AIDS Linkage Program.

Rabies Surveillance

The Rabies Prevention Program serves to protect Pasco County residents from the threat of rabies. The rabies program services and activities are carried out in an effort to minimize human exposure to the disease. Rabies prevention education is provided to Pasco County residents on the importance of vaccinating pets, avoiding contact with wildlife and strays, and reporting all animal bites and exposures.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

The STD Program is charged with identifying populations at increased risk for infection in an effort to reduce their chances of developing a sexually transmitted disease, transmitting it others, and/or developing related complications. Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) provide screening, testing, education, partner notification, and referral services in Pasco County.


The Tuberculosis (TB) Program offers a variety of services geared towards the prevention and control of TB. Program staff are responsible for identifying active and latent TB cases, providing Direct Observed Therapy (DOT), notifying contacts, and educating the public about TB.